In our catalog you can choose from an important and refined selection of modern furniture and vintage accessories from the early 1900s to the 1980s. You can find everything you want among 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s furniture to make every room in your home unique.

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What is modernism?

Often and willingly, when we talk about modern art , we get confused with antiques or even with design , but if we talk about modern art furniture , there will surely be a reason.
Within the large family of modern art we can include any modern object produced between 1930 and 1980.
The use of the term " modern " is introduced to identify all those modern furniture made in the years following the Second World War.
At this time many industries are born that exploit mass production and the use of new materials.
These innovations in modernism go after a purely aesthetic need, influenced by new fashions and the economic needs of the people.

How to recognize modernism?

Any piece of modern art is easily distinguishable from all the others, by its simple shape and clean lines.
Most of the time, in the creation of modern furniture (such as a modern coffee table ), there is a tendency to lift the piece of furniture off the ground to give a feeling of freedom, of suspension.
The colors of the modern furniture are quite neutral, ranging from white , brown and gray, up to very bright colors.

Where to buy modern art?

If you are looking for " modern Milan " it is inevitable that you will come across Di Mano in Mano, we have a wide selection of modern furniture , 50s modern armchairs , modern chairs, modern sofas, modern lamps, modern sideboards, modern bookcases and much more, it is not enough for you to come and visit us in the shop and evaluate our modern furniture with your own eyes!

Modern furniture in Di Mano in Mano:

  • - Modern bedside table
  • - Modern chairs
  • - Modern armchairs
  • - Modern lamps
  • - Modern antiques beliefs
  • - Modern bookstores
  • - Modern antique desks
  • - Modern mirrors
  • - Modern sofas
  • - Modern furniture

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