In this section you can find all the Vintage , Modern Design and Design Buffets from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s in our catalogue. Among them you will surely find the one that suits your home.

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The Buffet Cabinet , over the years, has kept its use as a container unchanged.

How is the buffet cabinet made?

The Buffet ( more commonly called Dresser ) very often displays dishes and cutlery , glasses , tablecloths , towels, etc.
We can find a wide range of Buffet Furniture , such as Wooden Dressers , Antique Dressers , Dressers with Mirrors , High Buffet Cabinets , Vintage Buffet Cabinets , 50's Buffet Cabinets , etc.
Structurally we can find different types of Dressers , depending on how they were made and the elements that have been used in this aforementioned construction, we see the Cabinet with Doors , Cabinet with Drawers and Cabinets with Shelves .
The Buffet Cabinet is, quite simply, a French sideboard, whose name was given to it by Pierre Buffet (cook of François I) in the Baroque era.
The functionality of the Ancient Buffet was typical of that of the Dresser, to preserve food.


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In our catalog you can find Buffet from the 50s , Buffet from the 60s and Mobile Buffet from the 70s .

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Restoration of antique buffets

In addition to the vast selection of antique buffets that we offer, we can also offer you a restoration service. The various Dressers with Mirror are subject to the action of time and for this reason they can be ruined. DiManoinMano during the purchase, not only does it support its customers by an expert salesman but also by a Restorer . Thanks to him, in fact, you will be able to understand how to restore your Vintage Dresser to its original beauty.

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